Combat Cards

by Osprey Therian
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February 2006 News from the Combat Cards Website

5 February 06: Combat Cards shop
11 February 06: Added “Goblin Gimmick” and “Osprey Dive” to the “Cards” page.
10 February 06: Added “Tiger Pounce” and “Leg Smash” to the “Cards” page.
5 February 06: Added “Cultist Cleave” and “Gut Rip” to the “Cards” page.
4 February 06: Nominate Combat Cards for the Arcadia Game Expo – We need you!
2 February 06: Added “Thrusting Lunge” and “Demonic Spear” to the “Cards” page.
1 February 06: Piece on Combat Cards published in the Metaverse Messenger


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