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Snapping Eggy by Osprey Therian
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Doc came up with the idea of having a zombie from the Thriller video made by a group captained by Ulrika Zugzwang in 2004 on Combat Cards as a way to incorporate some SL history. I asked the famed evil mastermind* Eggy Lippmann, who had been part of the original team, if he would model. Luckily he agreed. We hadn’t set anything up, but when I logged in yesterday I went to Spangle and made a blank screen. I IMed asking him when he would be available and he replied, “Now,” and dropped onto my head. He quickly changed into a zombie and started dancing, and I began snapping. “This will take ages as it’s high-res.” “Are you done yet?” “It’s not easy being a super-model.” He went away and shaved and came back and we finished up.

After he changed back into his real self he told me he turns into a pumpkin at 2pm every day, which I thought was a figure of speech until I saw him becoming… uh… a pumpkin.
I had 9 raw Eggies on a blue screen, and went off looking for backgrounds. I wanted urban, neutral, not too dark. I started in Nova Albion, went to Suffugium, Manhattan, Devil’s Moon, Midnight City, and Chaos, wandering part of the time with my friend Enjah. In Chaos as we sat at a sidewalk table she spotted a video and pointed out that the girl in it had noticeably fake breasts. I never would have noticed, and in fact had released my camera constraints and was taking a picture 4 blocks away.

I tried a few background and altered the eggies and backgrounds a bit… Finally we had 3 to choose. The final one would get polished up and the others would go into the scrap bin.

The final card? It’s not finished yet :- D

*Is that ok, Eggy?


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You left out the interesting part, where I rezzed a barrel and we bemoaned the sad state of the world and got each other all depressed like the good pseudo-intelectuals that we are

Comment by eggy

Thanks so much for doing this Eggy! The card looks great and it’s lovely to have some references to SL history in Combat Cards. Maybe we should have a Tringo Zombie in the Horror set too?

Comment by docboffin

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