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Saturday Slaughter @ The Kill Club by Osprey Therian
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Saurday Slaughter was a lot of fun as new players, some speaking no English, learned the game! Again we had a kind offer from our neighbor Delpha to allow us to rez an anvil outside. That offer was taken up by Johannason, who is allergic to the smoke inside the KC. He led the way outside, followed by a francophone neophyte who, I think, never quite understood how to play. Doing better was ettore, good sport of the day, who was aided by Enjah and Fabri and managed to get up and running in his first fight!

Congratulations and thanks to all of you – a great group of people!

Saturday Slaughter @ The Kill Club by Osprey Therian
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Dunno why – maybe because it’s a compact space so people know when they are “there,” but the SS has been quite lively at the KC. I like it, too. I feel at home in Spangle, so SS @ The KC is like going on vacation.

Saturday Slaughter @ the Kill Club by Osprey Therian
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A good turnout of really nice people, and the help of neighbor Delpha Deckard* made this a fun event!



*Delpha let us use his adjoining parcel so we could rez a second anvil, then sat and watched the slaughter!