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Warrior-models wanted for new cards by Osprey Therian
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I’m working on the new Fantasy and Horror cards at the moment and need some more amazing avatars to pose for me.  Are you interested?  If so come to Sunday Slashfest @ the Kill Club on Sunday at 2pm, or give me a clear IM inworld.

Sunday Slashfest – 2 pm @ The Kill Club by Osprey Therian
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Join the dueling warriors at the Kill Club in Europa for some Combat Cards fights! All fights now register automatically in the appropriate league. Constructed deck fights are in the running for the big prize decided at the Hallowe’en show-down.

Summer Tournaments by docboffin
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To coincide with the launch of Jaladan Codesmith’s new automated scoring system at the Combat Cards 1st birthday party on Sunday, we launched 2 tournaments to run for 3 months over the summer.

At midnight SLT on 15th October we will invite the players with the 4 highest scores who have played 10 or more games in the Constructed League to compete for the Constructed Cup and 10,000L$ at the Combat Cards Halloween party. The players with the 4 highest scores in the Open League who have played 10 or more games will also be invited to compete for the Open Cup and a full set of Combat Cards at the Halloween party.

To play a game in the constructed league both players must use decks entirely made up from cards bought from Combat Card vendors. To play a game in the open league at least one of the players must be using a demo deck. Games are played in the beta league if either player has beta cards in their deck and in the training league if played against a robot.

I’m sure the tournaments will be lots of fun and hopefully as a result we’ll see more people constructing decks and experimenting with different combinations of Combat Cards which will help us balance the game in the future. To help people collect the cards they need, Osprey and I will have 20 cards to trade at each Sunday Slashfest over the summer, so if there’s a card you need for your deck, come along and see if we have it to trade that week.

Combat Cards Movie by Osprey Therian
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New Weapons! by Osprey Therian
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Armath Severine generously made new weapons for the anvils – a sword and a dagger. Thank you, Armath! The new weapons are available in the new anvil update.


Combat Cards 1st Birthday Movie Premiere by Osprey Therian
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Marred slightly by the crashificationing of Spangle, the premiere was nonetheless a fun event. Thank to everyone who came – double thanks to those who relogged and made their way to Europa.
Arken and Johannason fight as Doc, with his unicycle and chainsaw, and I watch and the movie plays on the wall.

Particle Cards by Osprey Therian
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Watch as cards fly out of Doc’s head!
Click here to watch ‘Particle-Cards’