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Sunday @ 2pm by Osprey Therian
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Sunday’s event is listed in SL Events.

Every Sunday we hold an event so fighters both seasoned and new to the game can get together and break a few bones. Of couse, you can fight any time against the robots or an opponent, and even set up your own anvil (game server) for 1L… But I digress.
Combat Cards uses trading cards in a HUD. It’s easy to learn to play but is gaining in complexity and is not easy to master. Cards have values for things like attack, block, regen, forced discard, reflect, etc. Think you’d be a good model? Contact me!


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Os, Doc – I have started a Flickr Pool for Combat Cards. If there is already one (I couldn’t find it) I’ll shut it down and move them over to that one. If not then I’ll keep this one open and make you both owners (or whatever they are called)


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Comment by Osprey Therian

you’re now an Admin 🙂

Comment by headburroantfarm

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