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JG fights Steff by Osprey Therian
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Postcard from Second Life., originally uploaded by Vivian Oblivion.

…Steff prevailed.

Some funny WindLight viewer glitches show in this shot – like the hovertext showing – upside down to boot.


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That Steff was a wily lil character……….

thanx u guys, I had a great time…..see there again and I will be tellin folks about it all :L)

Comment by JG Riggles

Excellent, JG 😀 I was worried your poor toes would get chopped off – there are free hobo boots in Calleta (sure you know that already) that might protect more. Perhaps a garbage can lid shield?

Comment by Osprey Therian

Yay! JG will be back! Bring some friens JG – maybe we can have a Hobo Army to fight?

Comment by HBA

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