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Another Satisfied Customer by Osprey Therian
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Regarding discard attacks…

[14:55] Enjah: this is disconcerting
[14:55] Janey: ouch
[14:55] HeadBurro: yes! It’s Osprey & Doc’s new mind-phq!
[14:57] Enjah: DOC N OS ARE THE DEVIL
[14:57] Janey: haha
[14:58] HeadBurro: YES!!!!
[14:58] Osprey Therian smiles.
[14:58] Enjah: that is an evil smile os
[14:58] HeadBurro: I saw fangs in that smile, Enjah…
[14:58] Maxie: lol

Enjah won the fight šŸ˜€


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