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“Time for Coffee” by Osprey Therian
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Combat Cards was used in the Vesuvius Group’s 48 Hour Film Project submission, Time for Coffee, which can be seen on   It’s fun to watch – and stars Combat Card duelist Armath Severine.  Armath also made the weapons that players can get for free from the anvil.

Sunday Smackdown by Osprey Therian
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Teh Doc will preside over the Sunday highjinks as Os is likely to be caught up still in the madness of the 48 Hour Film Project.  Join him, and see if you can kill him 😀  He would like everyone to test the 1.4.3 game server before it’s sent out by updater, too, so even if you can’t make the event get your anvil from Europa (free) or save and rez the attachment to the last Combat Cards group notice – that’s an anvil so don’t put it on yer head.

Sunday Event by Osprey Therian
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Sunday is the day for our weekly Combat Cards event – of course, you can fight any time against friends or the robots, or even get your own anvil (game server) for 0L!

Whether you are new to the game or familiar with its finer points, this event will be fun! If you are new you can jump in and learn while fighting – or watch the video and get the basics before you try it.

Because I’m looking for abstract avatars, you’ll get extra Os* points if you turn up like that.

*Redeemable for Canadian Tire stamps on the sixth Monday of months beginning with a “J” unless it’s a leap year.

Postcard from Second Life.