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The Big Gamble by docboffin
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Here’s the first in a series of big gamble cards: Arachnophobia. If you’re lucky you get to do 30 damage from a 2 card combo. If you’re unlucky you do no damage and lose 20 health. In either case the card is discarded.


The discard symbol with an exclamation is a new “Discard Now” effect: if the exclamation is black, the card you are playing now is discarded, if the exclamation is white the card your opponent is playing is discarded.

The idea behind the big gamble cards is that if you’re in a situation where you know a long slow grinding loss is ahead of you, you may as well gamble and either end the game quickly or turn it around and give yourself a chance to win. There are more big gamble cards in the pipeline and I hope that when they’re widely used, games of Combat Cards will be even more exciting and unpredictable!

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