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Happy Valentine’s! by docboffin
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Here’s a sneak preview of one of the cards we’ll be releasing as a beta card at the Spring Tournament on the 2nd of March: All Aquiver featuring Cupid Linden:


It’s the first card to feature the draw effect: when played you and your opponent always draw one card and you draw an additional card unless your opponent plays a mid block. Love is in the air and everyone benefits.

Strategically this is a great card to include in a deck which features long combos as it gives you a way to draw all the cards you need for the combo quickly. Tactically this is a great card to play when your opponent has a full hand that’s better than yours: you get to quickly draw cards to improve your hand and by forcing your opponent to draw you force them to discard a card from a hand that is working well.


Valentine’s Day Massacre by docboffin
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The qualifiers for the Spring Tournament are over! The Constructed Cup finalists are: Michalius Oppewall, Johannason Scarborough, Janey Bracken and HeadBurro Antfarm. The Open Cup finalists are Michalius Oppewall, Steff Ling, chaunceycooler45 Barbasz and Maxie Schneider. Congratulations to all the finalists!

Spring Tournament by Osprey Therian
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We Love To Fight by docboffin
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Qualifiers for the Combat Cards Valentine’s tournament end at Midnight SLT on February 14th, which is less than 2 weeks away! At the end of the tournements we’ll invite the top 4 players who have played 5 games or more in the Open League to compete for the Open Cup and a full set of Combat Cards at our Valentine’s party on March 2nd.
We’re also going to invite the top 4 players with 5 games played in the Constructed League to compete for the Constructed Cup and 5,000L$ If you want to be in with a chance to win and you’d like to help us balance Combat Cards, please build a deck and play some constructed games!