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Coming soon to reality – Combat Cards by Osprey Therian
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I ordered the first batch of real life Combat Cards last week – Tuesday.  I ordered, and talked to the POD man, and waited…

…then I didn’t hear anything for several days, so I sent an email… waited… then sent another and got a reply yesterday that felt like ice breaking as the spring thaw frees the river (I know it was just a week, but it felt long).

Finally: “Color sheet arrived. Your card designs look great. We’ve had a small backup on orders as everyone seemed to have wanted to put orders in within the same few day spread this past week. But we’re set up into our new retail store and better equipped now to handle larger volumes of card orders, so we’ll get caught up quickly. We’ll be ready to run your job by mid week.”

If the cards arrive looking the way I want them to look I’m going to spend about four hours looking at them lovingly and drinking champagne.  Can’t wait. I feel badly that Doc won’t be able to see them when they arrive, though.

Level 1 Horror Cards by Osprey Therian
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Doc will be along presently to introduce these three new cards, I’m sure.  Let me just say the Print-at-Home cards are updated, as is the Horror Card webpage.