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Sneak Preview by Osprey Therian
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Robots by Osprey Therian
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Doc and I decided ages ago that we’d do a robot series, and about two years ago I made the frame for it.  Doc had all kinds of exciting ideas for special robots-only effects, and we just wanted to bring the Fantasy series and Horror series up to a certain point before we did anything much for the Robot series.

Lately I’ve been making some images.  I have about seventeen so far, and have a few raw shots still to work on, but I would like more robot models.  The finished images remain “possibles” until actually made into a card, which is not a fast process – since balancing and variety in the effects need to be carefully considered and tested.

Here are a few from my pool of “possibles.”

Os is Back by Osprey Therian
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It took forever, but finally I managed to clamber up from the deep pit of computer problems and re-enter the sparklingly daylit world of Second Life.   I am busy exaggerating my term of exile so that it can be recounted to maximum effect: “My computer was borked FOR ELEVEN YEARS…” *crowd gasps and draws away in horror* “…AND THREE MONTHS!”   *three women faint*