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Tiny RoboDoc by Osprey Therian
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Tiny Doc (3)Tiny Doc leaping through the air, escaping from Michalius’s claws of doom (but not for long).

Camo a Camo by Osprey Therian
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Lith fights Jake at Cal Darkfold’s second Combat Cards event at Ortakoy. Come along one Friday and do battle!

Strange Turn of Events by Osprey Therian
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When my event listing disappeared I sent a notice cancelling the non-existent event – and immediately got fighters teleporting in just itching to slay me .   The event that wasn’t to be wound up taking place anyway. CC13sept09Thanks Mich, Cal, and Rich!

Combat Cards Event – 20 Sept 2009

I am trying to keep track of my event listing by publishing it here.  I’m not sure WHAT I did to make it disappear last time, but I’m going to keep tight hold on this slippery devil.

Cal’s Place by Osprey Therian
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Cal Darkfold is holding Friday afternoon events on his land in Ortakoy.  Come over and fight!

Spaceport Videos by Osprey Therian
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Kat has been filming matches and putting them on The Spaceport’s YouTube channel.  Although there’s no commentary it’s interesting to see the gameplay. Have a look at The Spaceport website.