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The New Renaissance by docboffin
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For a long time, the results of playing a discard card against a draw card were strange: the draw effects were applied first, then the discard effects, then the hand would be discarded down to the 6 card limit. This meant that if you played a discard 2 against an opponent playing a draw 2 effect with 6 cards they would end up with 6 cards: a strange result, shouldn’t that be 4 cards? In Combat Cards 2.1 it is. Now draws are applied, then the hand is discarded down to 6 cards, then discards are applied. This means that if you play a discard attack against an opponent with 6 cards they will always end up with less than 6 cards, which makes sense (and also makes discard attacks slightly more powerful).

Unfortunately by making discards more powerful, Renaissance became much less powerful. It draws up to 3 cards and discards 3. With the new rules this means that if you play Renaissance with 6 cards in your hand, you now end up with 3 cards, not 6, a big change. To remedy this I’ve changed Renaissance to draw up to 3 cards and discard 2. This means if you play it with 6 cards in your hand you end up with 4, but if you play it with 3 cards in your hand you can also end up with 4. It becomes less powerful as you hold more cards, which is a nice mechanic.

Let me know what you think!

Combat Cards on the New Forums by Osprey Therian
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LL pulled the plug on our forums today, replacing them with something new.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, have a look at the Combat Cards page in Resident-Run Websites.