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Robot Details by Osprey Therian
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Anyone who’d like to gain a passing familiarity with the robot cards before the release can get a deck/beta cards and/or Robot Demo from Doc’s sooper sekret exploding test arena in Europa. It is clearly marked.

As well as poweful hits at a cost of heat build-up, Robot cards have shields – which reverse the opponents attack INCLUDING REGEN i.e. a player employing a Robot high shield against the Scottish card not only wounds the opponent but also GAINS 4 health points.

Doc very much wants to hear opinions on Robots – how powerful they are against the other series cards (there’s the heat liability, the huge attacks, the split block that is great against discard attacks, plus this regen thing).

Robots! by Osprey Therian
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The official release event is HERE.

Attack of the Robots by Osprey Therian
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18 Robot Cards are in Beta! w00t! by Osprey Therian
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See them all HERE.

Join us on the 31st at 2pm (clocks change for some people, so be aware) to kick off the new series 😀

Robot Series Release! by Osprey Therian
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Join us at 2pm on the 31 October as Doc and I host a Robot release event. There are 18 free beta cards – enough choices to build a killer deck from.
Wear your best futuristic attire; tournament details later (when we know ’em ourselves). Wall-to-wall fighting will be the order of the day!

Tiny decks and robot demo decks will be available, of course.