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Spice Report on Combat Cards by Osprey Therian
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Check out the Spice Report’s coverage of the first Splintered Rock Combat Cards tournament HERE.

Today in Europa by Osprey Therian
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Doc has more outstanding videos with match commentary on the Combat Cards YouTube channel.

Arena Modding by Osprey Therian
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Because the displays “map” to the numbered prims in the linkset, if you change the linkset you need to make sure the link numbers specified in “Settings” is still correct. The (annoying) linkset number reporter script tells you what a prim number is when you touch that prim – remove or turn off that script when it’s not needed as it’s annoying X10 😀

Robots have Been Released! by Osprey Therian
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Michalius Oppewall won the 2010 Braaaains Cup at the Combat Cards Robot Series Release!
Thank you to everyone who turned up!

This is the last picture so most have already left, but from left: Lorna, Os, Magnek, Mich, Lisahot, Sid, Doc.

Bloodsong vs Magnek