Combat Cards


Game Design: Doc Boffin

Graphic Design: Osprey Therian

Special Projects: Spin Martin

Scripting: Doc Boffin and Jaladan Codesmith

Animations: Valadeza Anubis

Avatars: Maeve Morgan, OnnaYokai Yamabushi, Wayfinder Wishbringer, Reitsuki Kojima, Hiro Pendragon, Maliken Pieterson, Wyvern Sieyes, Roberth Wilberg, Aliasi Stonebender, Weave Farina, Asmodeus Nosferatu, Turgar Nilsson, Mai Fluffball, Doli McGettigan, Angelis Talamasca, Armath Severine, Rhiannon Chatnoir, Salazar Jack, Osprey Therian — list is being updated as needed.

Locations: DarkLife Developers, Oakworm Team, ElvenMoor, Isenland, Lauks Nest, Forest of Kahruvel

With thanks to Hiro Pendragon, Reitsuki Kojima, Gwyneth Llewellyn and Linden Lab

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