Combat Cards

Fighting By The Numbers
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Unlike many games, which have transitioned from RL to SL, Combat Cards is moving in the other direction, with plans to eventually create real-life sets of the cards. “For a game like this, we have this incredible visual element [in SL] that really enhances it,” said Osprey. “In RL, you can have tangible cards with clear graphics. We don’t have to have just one or the other – each has its strengths.”

Link: Slate Magazine


SLNN Covers the Hallowe’en Horror
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 Are you a Combat Cards fan? Then you’re going to love this! Combat Cards has just launched a new, gruesome expansion pack just in time for Halloween.

Link: SLNN

5 Hours To Launch
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The hours are counting down, and the team is gearing up to present the Second Life worlf to the Hallowe’en Hhorror expansion pack. It’s an open invite, be at the Aeriel Arenas in Spangle for 10am SL time!

Welcome to Fright Night!
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Zombie Invasion

SL Podcast Experiences Combat Cards
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Last night’s Introduction to Combat Cards saw two session run, and the second of those saw SL journalist Jeremy Flagstaff (SL Podcast) experience Combat Cards. Jeremy admits he’s not a games player but how did he find it?

The game was fun, I have to admit. I only played one round with Comhrag, and he says you start to get the strategy down a bit more after a bit, but it was still lost of me for the most part. The real genious of this is the minions of fans of the cards games in real life. An uber geeky crowd, who would be perfect for Second Life.

Read all his thoughts at the SL Podcast website.

Introduction to Combat Cards Session
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There will be Combat Cards training sessions at Calm Arena, Spangle from 2PM-3PM SLT, run by Comhrag McLeod on the 9th, 10th and 11th October 2006 Calm Arena has been set to a very slow speed to facilitate learning. Now’s your chance to get a good grounding in the basics!