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Archived news from the website:

31 December 2006 – DIABOLICAL! That’s Doc’s newest twist for Combat Cards. The new cards force your opponent to discard ===:O Check out ‘Outflank’ and ‘Wrong Foot’ in the Fantasy series.

29 October 06 – Combat Cards first expansion pack “Hallowe’en Horror” will be beta launched between 10am and 2pm (SL Time) at The Aerial Arenas. A whole new (undead) dimension to Combat Cards is about to bite you! See the new Horror series under “Cards.”

9 – 11 October 06 – Combat Cards training sessions at Calm Arena, Spangle from 2PM-3PM SLT, run by Comhrag McLeod. Calm Arena has been set to a very slow speed to facilitate learning. Now’s your chance to get a good grounding in the basics!

10 August 06 Synchronise your watches… er I mean NEW URL:

23 July 06 ALL HAIL SCHLITZIE! The Orcs won the day! Pictures here.

18 July 06 Elves and Orcs: See ’em here. Join us at 4pm on Sunday, 23rd of July at Spangle Aerial Arenas to see Elves and Orcs dueling. If you are Elven or Orcish join the fight – it’s bound to be lopsided.

17 July 06 ===IMPORTANT=== Don’t put duplicate cards in your deck – Second Life renames them, rendering the duplicates hopelessly borked.

17 July 06 Launch Day 10,000LWinner: Aliasi Stonebender — Congratulations!

16 July 06 A few fight videos: Zekeen vs Arwyn, Doc vs Os, Arwyn vs Salazar.

15 July 06 Pictures from the Launch! Beware the greatness of Aliasi!

15 July 06 Keep this date on your calendar: COMBAT CARDS officially launches 15 July 06 at the Spangle Combat Cards Arenas.

8 July 06 Did you get your invitation to Combat Cards launch? If not, IM Osprey Therian. There’s a free Limited Edition card inside – don’t miss out!

20 June 06: Wagers! Fighters may bet on themselves – winner take all. Bets can be added to the pot after registration.

15 June 06: Scores! Check your score by clicking the Scores page link.

31 May 06: After a lot of work, Doc Boffin has fixed an annoying bug and inproved the game. The demo and full decks in the server now have the new rules, and we’re trying them out now.

10 May 06: Combat Cards need YOU – If you are interested in joining our Beta tester group please IM Doc Boffin.

5 February 06: Combat Cards shop

11 February 06: Added “Goblin Gimmick” and “Osprey Dive” to the “Cards” page.

10 February 06: Added “Tiger Pounce” and “Leg Smash” to the “Cards” page.

5 February 06: Added “Cultist Cleave” and “Gut Rip” to the “Cards” page.

4 February 06: Nominate Combat Cards for the Arcadia Game Expo – We need you!

2 February 06: Added “Thrusting Lunge” and “Demonic Spear” to the “Cards” page.

1 February 06: Piece on Combat Cards published in the Metaverse Messenger