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Arena Modding by Osprey Therian
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Because the displays “map” to the numbered prims in the linkset, if you change the linkset you need to make sure the link numbers specified in “Settings” is still correct. The (annoying) linkset number reporter script tells you what a prim number is when you touch that prim – remove or turn off that script when it’s not needed as it’s annoying X10 😀

ZOMG Robo Demos in Testing Now by Osprey Therian
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Things have been a little quiet on the blog, however we’ve been busy in our slow but inexorable way.  The newest blip on the horizon is the Robot Demo Deck, currently being tested at Europa.  You can do a little testing yourself if you’ve a mind to: left click Doc’s testing arena (the one with the warnings) to get the Demos from the menu.  The Robot Demo works only on that arena, as it’s all been recoded, but you can fight there anytime using Robot and any other deck.  Saturdays at 3pm is our current testing event time.  Have thoughts, gamepla ideas, possible bugs to squash?  Write it on a notecard and drop it on us – an IM to get our attention is great!

Robot gameplay is a bit different, and balances hard second tier attacks with the need to release heat build-up by drawing or playing a small attack.  While predictabilty leads to some vulnerability, the split defense serves well against discard attacks in particular.  The first cards are HERE.  The battery is the good resource, while heat, shown as a thermometer icon, is something you don’t want.  The first card on the way to a big attack, with a split mid/low defense.  Note that it creates 1 battery resource, but can only be played with less than 1 heat resource.

A big low attack with high/mid defence creates 1 heat resource.

Player can draw or use a small attack (shown here) while heat dissipates.

Tiny Combat Cards! by Osprey Therian
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2.1 Release! by Osprey Therian
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1PM slt 27 Dec @ Spaceport
Combat Cards 2.1 disturbs the fabric of the universe with its far-reaching changes.
Demo decks, empty decks, arenas, and beta cards are free – just touch any arena or check out XSTSL.
Fight free in Demo, or construct a killer deck using any of the cards sold individually or by the series.
Arenas and vendors in Europa and Spaceport.

Next Up: The Waffle Arena by Osprey Therian
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Postcard from Second Life., originally uploaded by Vivian Oblivion.

Postcard from Second Life., originally uploaded by Vivian Oblivion.


2.0 Automatic Update by docboffin
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I’m planning to set the automatic updater to send out final 2.0 versions of all of the Combat Cards arenas and bots tomorrow. If you have customised an arena, please make sure you have a copy of the arena and your custom settings file saved in your inventory. After the upgrade is complete you should be able to copy the contents of your new 2.0 arena in to your custom arena and replace the settings with your saved custom settings.

Modifying Your Combat Cards Arena by Osprey Therian
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All the arenas are free and modifiable so you can adapt them to fit your own style.  The settings cards have things you can change – fighter position, turn
interval, and the 4 prims in the linkset (by number) which perform specific functions (the score boards and card displays).  The arena floor is the root prim.

After modifying, the arena floor must be the root prim – the last prim linked.   The arena has a touch-for-link-number script in it – first, set that “linknumber” script to “running” so you can touch the score boards and card display prims, then copy those numbers from chat into the settings notecard.  Reset the scripts to see your changes.  The linknumber script can be turned off after you finish as it’s annoying.

Tip: Make sure you have the correct linknumbers in the settings card before you reset, or the texture changes will affect whichever prim is listed in the settings.

As well as those main functions, the settings can change the colour of the score numbers (you may need to change them for visibility), and change the
textures used on the card displays when the arena is not being used.

Tip: The particle scripts are in the scifi arena, but they aren’t running.  To change the particle colour set a script to “running” and change the values.  Once you have the colour you like copy the scripts around.  They can be set to not run after that, as particles remain a property of a prim.

If you want to add the Combat Cards arena functions to your preexisting build, the barebones “Medal” arena consists of just those 5 prims which are integral to the arena.

Tip: because the score prims, which use XY text, are configured for maximum faces, the two prims are longish.  When touching for the link number make sure you have the right prim.

There are more and less elaborate arenas and all are mod/copy/trans.   Check them out in Europa anytime – we are there off and on but always on Sundays for our weekly event at 2pm.  Two of the three fighting robots are out right now, so even if you are alone you can try out the Combat Cage (Hal) or the Basic arena (Ned).

Picture 1 – SciFi arena

Picture 2 – edit

Picture 3 – settings notecard

Picture 4 – I touched the lefthand score display, and the linknumber script let me know that it is 6 in the linkset.  Make sure after doing any modding that the working prims – the scoreboards, card displays, and the main arena prim, are numbered correctly on the settings notecard.  If there’s a discrepancy just change the appropriate number in the notecard.

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