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Tails I Win by docboffin
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Another fantasy gamble. You pay a hefty price: 20 health and the current card, but if you’re lucky you cause your opponent to discard their current card and 2 others. Play it at the correct point in your opponent’s one big combo to mess up their hand and swing the game in your favour despite the sacrifice.



Heads You Lose by docboffin
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A fantasy big gamble card and the stakes are even higher: you always lose 20 health and the current card when you play it, but the payoff if it goes right is huge: 36 damage to your opponent for a 2 card combo. It’s risky though, although you can do 36 damage, because the damage is spread over 2 effects, your opponent only needs an 18 block to reduce the damage to 0.


Tainted Love by docboffin
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What happens when Cupid becomes horrific? What happens when love goes bad? Tainted Love: your opponent loses health but you lose more. When love goes wrong, everybody loses.


Tactically this card is a no brainer: if you have more health than your opponent, you can play this card repeatedly to end the game quickly and there is very little your opponent can do about it as the damage is unblockable. Strategically Tainted Love is more complicated: can you afford room in your deck for a card that combines with no others and is only useful when you’re already winning?

The Big Gamble by docboffin
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Here’s the first in a series of big gamble cards: Arachnophobia. If you’re lucky you get to do 30 damage from a 2 card combo. If you’re unlucky you do no damage and lose 20 health. In either case the card is discarded.


The discard symbol with an exclamation is a new “Discard Now” effect: if the exclamation is black, the card you are playing now is discarded, if the exclamation is white the card your opponent is playing is discarded.

The idea behind the big gamble cards is that if you’re in a situation where you know a long slow grinding loss is ahead of you, you may as well gamble and either end the game quickly or turn it around and give yourself a chance to win. There are more big gamble cards in the pipeline and I hope that when they’re widely used, games of Combat Cards will be even more exciting and unpredictable!

Happy Valentine’s! by docboffin
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Here’s a sneak preview of one of the cards we’ll be releasing as a beta card at the Spring Tournament on the 2nd of March: All Aquiver featuring Cupid Linden:


It’s the first card to feature the draw effect: when played you and your opponent always draw one card and you draw an additional card unless your opponent plays a mid block. Love is in the air and everyone benefits.

Strategically this is a great card to include in a deck which features long combos as it gives you a way to draw all the cards you need for the combo quickly. Tactically this is a great card to play when your opponent has a full hand that’s better than yours: you get to quickly draw cards to improve your hand and by forcing your opponent to draw you force them to discard a card from a hand that is working well.

Word on the Street by Osprey Therian
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HeadBurro Antfarm describes constructing a deck in his blogpost for today . He says, “Blimey! I’ll tell you sommat for free, building a good deck of cards for the Combat Cards game is not as easy as it sounds!

When you take your new deck, all shiny and smelling of new paint, to its first fight, well this is where the fun begins because this is where you find out if you have built a well balanced deck or not. The way you find you haven’t is by immediately finding you have no good cards to fight with in the HUD, panicking a lot and then dying with a sword through your middle. Messy.”

I’ve had quite a few of those fights myself!

Horror Discard Cards Sneak Preview by docboffin
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Here are the other 6 new cards we’re getting ready for the 1.4 launch at Halloween. Let us know what you think!

slapsticksicko250.jpg ghastlygrin250.jpg greedsgrasp250.jpg disarm250.jpg severingsnip250.jpg prowlersprey250.jpg