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Spice Report on Combat Cards by Osprey Therian
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Check out the Spice Report’s coverage of the first Splintered Rock Combat Cards tournament HERE.

Robots have Been Released! by Osprey Therian
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Michalius Oppewall won the 2010 Braaaains Cup at the Combat Cards Robot Series Release!
Thank you to everyone who turned up!

This is the last picture so most have already left, but from left: Lorna, Os, Magnek, Mich, Lisahot, Sid, Doc.

Bloodsong vs Magnek

Robot Details by Osprey Therian
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Anyone who’d like to gain a passing familiarity with the robot cards before the release can get a deck/beta cards and/or Robot Demo from Doc’s sooper sekret exploding test arena in Europa. It is clearly marked.

As well as poweful hits at a cost of heat build-up, Robot cards have shields – which reverse the opponents attack INCLUDING REGEN i.e. a player employing a Robot high shield against the Scottish card not only wounds the opponent but also GAINS 4 health points.

Doc very much wants to hear opinions on Robots – how powerful they are against the other series cards (there’s the heat liability, the huge attacks, the split block that is great against discard attacks, plus this regen thing).

Robots! by Osprey Therian
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The official release event is HERE.

Attack of the Robots by Osprey Therian
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18 Robot Cards are in Beta! w00t! by Osprey Therian
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See them all HERE.

Join us on the 31st at 2pm (clocks change for some people, so be aware) to kick off the new series 😀

Robot Series Release! by Osprey Therian
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Join us at 2pm on the 31 October as Doc and I host a Robot release event. There are 18 free beta cards – enough choices to build a killer deck from.
Wear your best futuristic attire; tournament details later (when we know ’em ourselves). Wall-to-wall fighting will be the order of the day!

Tiny decks and robot demo decks will be available, of course.

ZOMG Robo Demos in Testing Now by Osprey Therian
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Things have been a little quiet on the blog, however we’ve been busy in our slow but inexorable way.  The newest blip on the horizon is the Robot Demo Deck, currently being tested at Europa.  You can do a little testing yourself if you’ve a mind to: left click Doc’s testing arena (the one with the warnings) to get the Demos from the menu.  The Robot Demo works only on that arena, as it’s all been recoded, but you can fight there anytime using Robot and any other deck.  Saturdays at 3pm is our current testing event time.  Have thoughts, gamepla ideas, possible bugs to squash?  Write it on a notecard and drop it on us – an IM to get our attention is great!

Robot gameplay is a bit different, and balances hard second tier attacks with the need to release heat build-up by drawing or playing a small attack.  While predictabilty leads to some vulnerability, the split defense serves well against discard attacks in particular.  The first cards are HERE.  The battery is the good resource, while heat, shown as a thermometer icon, is something you don’t want.  The first card on the way to a big attack, with a split mid/low defense.  Note that it creates 1 battery resource, but can only be played with less than 1 heat resource.

A big low attack with high/mid defence creates 1 heat resource.

Player can draw or use a small attack (shown here) while heat dissipates.

Robots by Osprey Therian
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Doc and I decided ages ago that we’d do a robot series, and about two years ago I made the frame for it.  Doc had all kinds of exciting ideas for special robots-only effects, and we just wanted to bring the Fantasy series and Horror series up to a certain point before we did anything much for the Robot series.

Lately I’ve been making some images.  I have about seventeen so far, and have a few raw shots still to work on, but I would like more robot models.  The finished images remain “possibles” until actually made into a card, which is not a fast process – since balancing and variety in the effects need to be carefully considered and tested.

Here are a few from my pool of “possibles.”