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Now With Card Transfer by docboffin
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Often when a new version of Combat Cards is released a new deck is required for the new version, which results in a lot of hassle transfering cards between old decks and new decks. As of Combat Cards 1.5.8 it’s possible to automate this process by rezzing the old and new deck in world then clicking on the deck containing the cards. It will scan the area for other decks belonging to you and, if found, show a dialog asking if you’d like to transfer the cards in to that deck. If no other decks are found the clicked deck will ask if you’d like to return the cards to your inventory.

Streaming Combat Cards by docboffin
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The biggest change we needed to make to the Combat Cards code for the new horror expansion was to add support for data streaming. For a long time we’ve stored the data for the different combat cards as comma separated values in a notecard, one line per card. Early versions of Combat Cards just looped through this notecard turning the lines in to LSL lists which were concatenated together to create a big list with all the game data in. This worked fine up to about 9 cards, but when we went to the 15 current cards the server and client scripts started crashing with stack/heap collisions: LSL’s way of saying that scripts have run out of memory.

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