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2.1 Release! by Osprey Therian
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1PM slt 27 Dec @ Spaceport
Combat Cards 2.1 disturbs the fabric of the universe with its far-reaching changes.
Demo decks, empty decks, arenas, and beta cards are free – just touch any arena or check out XSTSL.
Fight free in Demo, or construct a killer deck using any of the cards sold individually or by the series.
Arenas and vendors in Europa and Spaceport.


Almost Done! by Osprey Therian
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09-4oct-CCNot an exciting picture, but when I take exciting pictures I always get killed.  Here tiny robot Os fights tiny panda Mich.  With just one little detail pending, the Tiny Combat Cards deck is soon to be released.  We shall need to have a Tiny tournament of some kind.