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A quiet day… by Osprey Therian
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…but Mich, Sid, and I played some very nice Custom matches, and the blood flew!  One match between Sid and Mich pitted decks heavy with discard attacks against each other, and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen so many cards go by in one match.  All in all it was a lot of fun –  unexpected, too, as I hadn’t thought my ‘net would be back up by then.

Quoth Michalius: I look forward to new cards.

Combat Card Tutorial by Osprey Therian
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Updated again 😀

The New Renaissance by docboffin
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For a long time, the results of playing a discard card against a draw card were strange: the draw effects were applied first, then the discard effects, then the hand would be discarded down to the 6 card limit. This meant that if you played a discard 2 against an opponent playing a draw 2 effect with 6 cards they would end up with 6 cards: a strange result, shouldn’t that be 4 cards? In Combat Cards 2.1 it is. Now draws are applied, then the hand is discarded down to 6 cards, then discards are applied. This means that if you play a discard attack against an opponent with 6 cards they will always end up with less than 6 cards, which makes sense (and also makes discard attacks slightly more powerful).

Unfortunately by making discards more powerful, Renaissance became much less powerful. It draws up to 3 cards and discards 3. With the new rules this means that if you play Renaissance with 6 cards in your hand, you now end up with 3 cards, not 6, a big change. To remedy this I’ve changed Renaissance to draw up to 3 cards and discard 2. This means if you play it with 6 cards in your hand you end up with 4, but if you play it with 3 cards in your hand you can also end up with 4. It becomes less powerful as you hold more cards, which is a nice mechanic.

Let me know what you think!

Arwyn vs Cal by Osprey Therian
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Postcard from Second Life., originally uploaded by Vivian Oblivion.

Cal’s Friday event hasn’t settled down yet as far as time, but join us if you get wind of it!

Combat Cards at Kat’s Spaceport by Osprey Therian
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Kat Burger hosted a fun event at 6pm today – and will be repeating it on Saturdays in the future. Offering cash prizes, the first tournament for new and seasoned players drew a small crowd, but is off to a very good start. Kat has Combat Cards arenas and her own excellent tournament boards set up at Spaceport, as well as many other games, and she offers gamers many hours of fun and good company.

Zombies Fight at Undead Xmas Party by Osprey Therian
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Thank you, Mich and Joh 😀

Wuznu vs Doc

Great Dread by docboffin
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Possibly the biggest gamble yet: a huge 28 health sacrifice, but one that can be blocked by your opponent. Guess right and your opponent blocks your sacrifice and you gain 22 health while they lose 22 health. Guess wrong and you lose 28 health. Either way you lose the current card.