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Tournament Time! by Osprey Therian
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Demo and Custom tournaments will be held Saturday, 24 April, at the Space Ferret Dome in Raglan Shire!  Anyone is welcome to sign up and fight on the day – tournament boards courtesy of Kat Burger are in place for demo and custon divisions.  We have just changed version – we are now 2.2, so every fighter needs to use a 2.2 version Demo or Tiny Demo, or a 2.2 Deck or 2.2 Tiny Deck.  If you have a custom deck change the cards like this:

Rez the old deck and the new 2.2 empty deck.

Touch the old deck and approve the transfer.

Take the new 2.2 deck into inventory – now full of cards.

2.0 Automatic Update by docboffin
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I’m planning to set the automatic updater to send out final 2.0 versions of all of the Combat Cards arenas and bots tomorrow. If you have customised an arena, please make sure you have a copy of the arena and your custom settings file saved in your inventory. After the upgrade is complete you should be able to copy the contents of your new 2.0 arena in to your custom arena and replace the settings with your saved custom settings.

Real Life Rules Change by docboffin
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A couple of weeks ago, Joh pointed out that the Second Life version of Combat Cards didn’t allow cards requiring a single point of energy to be played when you have 2 points of energy available. I hadn’t thought about this – the switch from groups to resources was supposed to just make the real life game easier to play, not change the game in any way.

The reason the Second Life version didn’t allow the play was that behind the scenes it runs the same group conditions code that it did in 1.5, but sure enough, the way the real life rules are written, what Joh was describing should be legal.

I quickly hacked in some code to make it possible in the Second Life version and Mich and I tried it out: with disasterous results. If you can play a card requiring one resource when you have 2 available, you can sit 1 turn away from finishing a 3 turn combo indefinitely, which makes it impossible for your opponent to anticipate when the combo will end and makes 3 turn attacks much more powerful, unbalancing the game.

So, instead of adjusting the Second Life game to match the real life rules, I’ve instead tweaked the real life instructions to match the old behaviour: if a card has a consume resources condition you must have exactly that number of resources available, no more no less. A nice side effect is that we can add a version of consume resources as Joh imagined it working to new cards in the future.

The updated rules can be freely downloaded in the print and play version of combat cards here.

Buy A Bot by docboffin
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I’ve updated our brace of training bots with a card floater, proper health meter and auto updater, so now you can see which cards they’re playing and they will request an update when a new version of Combat Cards is released. To get your very own Ned, Alonso or HAL bot for the very reasonable sum of 1000L$, visit the arenas. The bots will auto update when out of date and all updates are free.