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Finally… by Osprey Therian
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I finally have use of my new computer (the graphics card exploded*), so I’m looking at the new cards again. Here are two finished images in the Fantasy series. Lain Koba and Wavemaster Bade were the models.




*It shattered one window and took out part of a wall.

The Move by Osprey Therian
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Although Spangle was a lovely place it just didn’t function very well for Combat Cards. Consequently, we decided we needed to move. The Kill Club is in Europa – and that sim has always been solid.
Expanding the Combat Cards holdings in Europa was possible, so we are now in the middle of a move. The Aerial Arenas are up still at Spangle but will be shifted soon. Ned and Alonso are kicking their heels in inventory. Meanwhile – keep dueling and drop by Europa soon – new cards at the Hallowe’en bash!

slurl-12x16.gifThe Kill Club in Europa