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5 Hours To Launch by Ewan Spence
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The hours are counting down, and the team is gearing up to present the Second Life worlf to the Hallowe’en Hhorror expansion pack. It’s an open invite, be at the Aeriel Arenas in Spangle for 10am SL time!

by Osprey Therian
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Snapping Eggy by Osprey Therian
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Doc came up with the idea of having a zombie from the Thriller video made by a group captained by Ulrika Zugzwang in 2004 on Combat Cards as a way to incorporate some SL history. I asked the famed evil mastermind* Eggy Lippmann, who had been part of the original team, if he would model. Luckily he agreed. We hadn’t set anything up, but when I logged in yesterday I went to Spangle and made a blank screen. I IMed asking him when he would be available and he replied, “Now,” and dropped onto my head. He quickly changed into a zombie and started dancing, and I began snapping. “This will take ages as it’s high-res.” “Are you done yet?” “It’s not easy being a super-model.” He went away and shaved and came back and we finished up.

After he changed back into his real self he told me he turns into a pumpkin at 2pm every day, which I thought was a figure of speech until I saw him becoming… uh… a pumpkin.
I had 9 raw Eggies on a blue screen, and went off looking for backgrounds. I wanted urban, neutral, not too dark. I started in Nova Albion, went to Suffugium, Manhattan, Devil’s Moon, Midnight City, and Chaos, wandering part of the time with my friend Enjah. In Chaos as we sat at a sidewalk table she spotted a video and pointed out that the girl in it had noticeably fake breasts. I never would have noticed, and in fact had released my camera constraints and was taking a picture 4 blocks away.

I tried a few background and altered the eggies and backgrounds a bit… Finally we had 3 to choose. The final one would get polished up and the others would go into the scrap bin.

The final card? It’s not finished yet :- D

*Is that ok, Eggy?

Welcome to Fright Night! by Ewan Spence
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Zombie Invasion

Streaming Combat Cards by docboffin
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The biggest change we needed to make to the Combat Cards code for the new horror expansion was to add support for data streaming. For a long time we’ve stored the data for the different combat cards as comma separated values in a notecard, one line per card. Early versions of Combat Cards just looped through this notecard turning the lines in to LSL lists which were concatenated together to create a big list with all the game data in. This worked fine up to about 9 cards, but when we went to the 15 current cards the server and client scripts started crashing with stack/heap collisions: LSL’s way of saying that scripts have run out of memory.

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SL Podcast Experiences Combat Cards by Ewan Spence
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Last night’s Introduction to Combat Cards saw two session run, and the second of those saw SL journalist Jeremy Flagstaff (SL Podcast) experience Combat Cards. Jeremy admits he’s not a games player but how did he find it?

The game was fun, I have to admit. I only played one round with Comhrag, and he says you start to get the strategy down a bit more after a bit, but it was still lost of me for the most part. The real genious of this is the minions of fans of the cards games in real life. An uber geeky crowd, who would be perfect for Second Life.

Read all his thoughts at the SL Podcast website.

Welcome to Despatches by Osprey Therian
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Despatches, in honour of the WWII UK Forces publication, will be reporting on the progress, development, and the fun, of Combat Cards.  The main Combat Cards website can be found at but bookmark here (and the rss feed) for all the breaking news.

Introduction to Combat Cards Session by Ewan Spence
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There will be Combat Cards training sessions at Calm Arena, Spangle from 2PM-3PM SLT, run by Comhrag McLeod on the 9th, 10th and 11th October 2006 Calm Arena has been set to a very slow speed to facilitate learning. Now’s your chance to get a good grounding in the basics!