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Splintered Rock Launch! by Osprey Therian
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Today’s Event by Osprey Therian
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Today’s event was really fun! I took exactly ZERO pictures, but Sidney, Magic, Wavemaster, Magic, and I all fought each other for both Demo and Custom tournaments. We now use a system whereby each person fights every other person and keeps track of the score: wins=2, draws=1, and losses=0. We manage to get a lot of fighting in, and especially so today as the Demo results were a three way tie – Magnek, Magic, and me. We fought again – 3-way tie again. We fought AGAIN – 3-way tie AGAIN. Finally we just accepted that and moved on to Custom (where I got trounced, having used up all my energy on Demo).

Wave hadn’t fought in ages but did really well despite that, and will be up to speed in no time if he plays a bit.

Reskinning for Splintered Rock by Osprey Therian
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As Splintered Rock is a role-play area, I’m reskinning the Fantasy series to stay in keeping with its spice-mining, futuristic theme and feature the avatars one might meet there.  There’s an open-to-anyone tournament on Saturday at 1pm, during which I’ll be taking pictures of the locals.  This will be my second session – for the fruits of the first see the Splintered Rock blog.  I’ve left naming up to the players themselves, and I hear there might be a contest built around it.

Spice Report on Combat Cards by Osprey Therian
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Check out the Spice Report’s coverage of the first Splintered Rock Combat Cards tournament HERE.

Today in Europa by Osprey Therian
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Doc has more outstanding videos with match commentary on the Combat Cards YouTube channel.

Robots have Been Released! by Osprey Therian
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Michalius Oppewall won the 2010 Braaaains Cup at the Combat Cards Robot Series Release!
Thank you to everyone who turned up!

This is the last picture so most have already left, but from left: Lorna, Os, Magnek, Mich, Lisahot, Sid, Doc.

Bloodsong vs Magnek

Robot Series Release! by Osprey Therian
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Join us at 2pm on the 31 October as Doc and I host a Robot release event. There are 18 free beta cards – enough choices to build a killer deck from.
Wear your best futuristic attire; tournament details later (when we know ’em ourselves). Wall-to-wall fighting will be the order of the day!

Tiny decks and robot demo decks will be available, of course.

Spaceport Custom Tournament Winner by Osprey Therian
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This week’s winner is our own Doc Boffin!

by Osprey Therian
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Doc once again manages to cover his own match with live, blow-by-blow commentary!

Awesome Tournaments! by Osprey Therian
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Spectators lined the balcony.

Sci -fi weaponry!

Os and Doc watch.



HotSauce Charisma beat Sidney Fredricksson in the final match to win the 2010 Combat Cards Custom Tournament!

Four players won prizes: HotSauce, Sid, Copper, Karenza



Sidney Fredricksson beat Doc Boffin in the final match of the 2010 Combat Cards Demo Tournament!

Four players won prizes: Sid, Doc, Bloodsong, and Tapple


Karenza and Copper split the 500L weapons award.