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ZOMG Robo Demos in Testing Now by Osprey Therian
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Things have been a little quiet on the blog, however we’ve been busy in our slow but inexorable way.  The newest blip on the horizon is the Robot Demo Deck, currently being tested at Europa.  You can do a little testing yourself if you’ve a mind to: left click Doc’s testing arena (the one with the warnings) to get the Demos from the menu.  The Robot Demo works only on that arena, as it’s all been recoded, but you can fight there anytime using Robot and any other deck.  Saturdays at 3pm is our current testing event time.  Have thoughts, gamepla ideas, possible bugs to squash?  Write it on a notecard and drop it on us – an IM to get our attention is great!

Robot gameplay is a bit different, and balances hard second tier attacks with the need to release heat build-up by drawing or playing a small attack.  While predictabilty leads to some vulnerability, the split defense serves well against discard attacks in particular.  The first cards are HERE.  The battery is the good resource, while heat, shown as a thermometer icon, is something you don’t want.  The first card on the way to a big attack, with a split mid/low defense.  Note that it creates 1 battery resource, but can only be played with less than 1 heat resource.

A big low attack with high/mid defence creates 1 heat resource.

Player can draw or use a small attack (shown here) while heat dissipates.

2.1 Release! by Osprey Therian
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1PM slt 27 Dec @ Spaceport
Combat Cards 2.1 disturbs the fabric of the universe with its far-reaching changes.
Demo decks, empty decks, arenas, and beta cards are free – just touch any arena or check out XSTSL.
Fight free in Demo, or construct a killer deck using any of the cards sold individually or by the series.
Arenas and vendors in Europa and Spaceport.

Real Life Rules Change by docboffin
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A couple of weeks ago, Joh pointed out that the Second Life version of Combat Cards didn’t allow cards requiring a single point of energy to be played when you have 2 points of energy available. I hadn’t thought about this – the switch from groups to resources was supposed to just make the real life game easier to play, not change the game in any way.

The reason the Second Life version didn’t allow the play was that behind the scenes it runs the same group conditions code that it did in 1.5, but sure enough, the way the real life rules are written, what Joh was describing should be legal.

I quickly hacked in some code to make it possible in the Second Life version and Mich and I tried it out: with disasterous results. If you can play a card requiring one resource when you have 2 available, you can sit 1 turn away from finishing a 3 turn combo indefinitely, which makes it impossible for your opponent to anticipate when the combo will end and makes 3 turn attacks much more powerful, unbalancing the game.

So, instead of adjusting the Second Life game to match the real life rules, I’ve instead tweaked the real life instructions to match the old behaviour: if a card has a consume resources condition you must have exactly that number of resources available, no more no less. A nice side effect is that we can add a version of consume resources as Joh imagined it working to new cards in the future.

The updated rules can be freely downloaded in the print and play version of combat cards here.

Updated Instructions by docboffin
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Here’s the (hopefully final) version of the PDF instructions that will ship with the real life cards in the very near future. Let me know if there are any final changes that need to be made.


Combat Cards In Real Life by docboffin
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For the last couple of months Osprey and I have been working on bringing Combat Cards to real life and we’re getting close: here are the latest draft of the instructions for playing Combat Cards in real life. Please print out some cards, play some games in meatspace and let us know what you think!

Combat Cards Instructions

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Combat Cards Instructions by Doc Boffin and Osprey Therian is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.
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[UPDATE 2008-09-28: Added resource and no discard images]

Skeleton Crew by docboffin
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Built up to a 3 turn combo, but worried that your opponent will block, dodge or copy it? Play Skeleton Crew to get 25 health with no way for you opponent to stop it.

Refresh by docboffin
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Built up to a 3 turn combo, but worried that your opponent will block, dodge or copy it? Play refresh to get 3 new cards with no way for you opponent to stop it.